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Named after the the Velvet Underground’s second album, and inspired by John Cale’s personal glasses, this art-rock eyewear has serious proto-punk cred. 

Very limited and unavailable through Jacques Marie Mage, these are a collector's item. As a massive Lou Reed fan myself, I'm very tempted to keep them but, hey, if they go to a good home, then who am I to deny them?

Sizing: 54mm, which is a medium size for men and women (see photos below).

  • Official collaboration with Universal Music
  • Each pair is handcrafted in Japan
  • Sterling silver signature arrowhead front pin
  • Silver tension-secured custom hinge with spur-shaped rivets
  • Burgundy domed 3D metal cameo logo
  • Back-surface anti-reflective coating
  • 100% UV protection
  • Unisex
  • Microfibre cleaning cloths
  • Limited edition certificate


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    White Light
    White Light
    White Light
    White Light
    White Light
    White Light
    White Light
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    White Light

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