We're renowned for our wide range of eclectic frames, carefully chosen from small, independent eyewear companies that you won’t find in high street opticians. We are main suppliers of Theo, Anne et Valentin, Kuboraum and Barton Perreira.


High quality raw materials result in frames that stay in shape, rarely getting loose, making them more comfortable than inferior products. Our cotton acetate frames retain their lustre and shine and eyewear made from highest grade titanium also keep their shape, are extremely light, hypoallergenic and virtually impossible to break.


Luxottica dominates the world of eyewear - they make frames under licence for many of the so-called designer brands such as Chanel and Versace, with their logos all over the show. They bought Ray-Ban in 1999 and Oakley in 2007. They own over 7000 retail eyewear stores worldwide including David Clulow and Sunglass Hut, all selling the same generic shapes. 

They have an annual turnover of over €9 billion. They bought (and subsequently ruined) Oliver Peoples and Persol, which were our two best-selling brands between 2001 and 2010. I don't stock either brand anymore.


Luxottica recently merged with Essilor, the French lens giant, with annual turnover of €7.5 billion. Unsurprisingly this has raised issues with the Monopolies Commission. And it means that Essilor have lost a customer in Primrose Hill (as if they care).


We take the time to discuss your eyewear and what you’d like to achieve, by getting to know you. We look at your old glasses, analyse your face and come up with suggestions. We regularly attend seminars and lectures to ensure that we're up-to-date with all of the latest advances in lens design. Oh, and we're qualified and experienced. Rush and Delphine are both fully qualified Dispensing Opticians. And Adam qualified in the dark ages, when it was called Ophthalmic Optics, not Optometry!


Adam has invested heavily in instrumentation and equipment, from the Nidek refraction system and the OCT retinal scanner, to the latest Dry Eye diagnostic instruments and treatments. Advanced contrast sensitivity testing and retinal thickness evaluation over time enhance our partnerships with neuro-ophthalmologists to assist their diagnoses and patient management.


We value our independence, meaning that we can supply frames and lenses from any supplier, according to what is most appropriate, rather than any instructions from above. (We don’t have a Head Office, nor regional managers nor corporate mentality).


We're a small team, and we take the time to get to know you and your requirements. So, for better or worse, we all get to know each other. (This is obviously in stark contrast to the mentality of the chainstores where staff are changing every five minutes and you get someone new checking your eyes each time - sometimes even a different person checking each eye).


Adam routinely receives referrals from doctors, other opticians and ophthalmologists when they struggle to make someone happy, be it an issue with a complex prescription, or supplying complicated lenses. As one of only a handful of specialists in Dry Eye, Adam provides shared support in this area.

And someone has to test the eyes of other opticians...


If you don’t need glasses, or your prescription hasn't changed, or you’d be better off doing eye exercises, that’s what we’ll tell you. 


Despite what people might think about Primrose Hill prices, we ensure that all of our prices are at manufacturer's suggested prices. 


We're very casual in manner - we're the opposite of corporate, preferring to communicate with our customers in a non-sycophantic way, as friends or colleagues. No suits or ties here.


We pride ourselves as specialists in progressive lenses, as there are so many people who have had poor experiences with standard varifocals. We've devoted a separate page to the detail of that (accessible via the main menu).  

Adam is a progressive lens wearer himself*, who understands the requirements and potential issues from both sides of the lens.

*Despite being only 35-ish...


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