Inspired by the bright pigments and colours found in Brazil, this range uses light and sculpture in a refreshing way. We are Lapima's only UK eyewear stockists and proud to be so.

Garrett Leight


Most descriptions of Garrett start by stating that he's the son of Larry Leight, the founder of Oliver Peoples. But you know what? He can stand on his own now. I'm guessing that there are several people describing Larry as Garrett's father. Either way, producing eyewear is clearly in his blood.

Offering fresh optical frames and exciting sunglasses, his collection keeps getting better and Garrett's is now our core offering.



Quirky, colourful, individual, fun - and very exclusive. Only available in carefully selected eyewear stores. I’ve been proudly selling their frames since my Soho days in the late 80s. Wearers have to get used to being stopped in the street to accept compliments on their glasses.

Designed and made in Belgium (like some of the world’s best footballers, e.g. Mousa Dembele, Verts and Toby...)

Barton Perreira


In the 1980s, Oliver Peoples were a breath of fresh air. I had a great relationship with them as their first UK stockist. In Primrose Hill, I was their number one UK retail outlet in terms of sales for many years.

When they were bought by Luxottica, we stopped supplying them. Luckily Bill Barton (ex-CEO) and Patty Perreira (ex-chief designer) started their own company producing luxury eyewear in the spirit of vintage Oliver Peoples.

Anne et Valentin


Handmade in France, Anne et Valentin’s frames are bold and striking, usually with a subtle twist to make them more interesting than standard glasses.

We’ve been stocking them for many years and wearers of their frames invariably report back how pleased they are with them - from receiving compliments from strangers and the attention to detail which contributes to their comfort.

Thierry Lasry


Adored by beautiful and stylish women all over the world. We'd drop names of those who have bought Thierry Lasry sunglasses from us, but that would be naff!

Use your imagination from the world of glamour and those one might address as Ma'am. No names, obvs.

Jacques Marie Mage


Premier-quality, limited edition, luxury eyewear brand made from finest quality acetates and precious metals.

Designed in Hollywood and made in Japan, they need to be tried on to be fully appreciated. Complete with certificate and leather case.

We're the only Jacques Marie Mage supplier with the super-limited Last Frontier collection in London.

Oliver Goldsmith


In the sixties, this was the brand worn by rock stars and stars of screen and stage. Founded in the 1920s, Oliver Goldsmith is a heritage brand and run by Oliver's great grand-daughter Claire.

Post-war, they were pretty much the pioneers of fashionable sunglasses. Their current range is classic and includes the iconic frames worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys.



Part sculpture, part eyewear, these wouldn’t be out of place in an art gallery. Nonconformist avant-garde objets d’art.

"They are, in effect, cubic rooms (kuboraum in German) always with us - where we can be comfortable with ourselves and the world around us, and feel free to emphasise our personalities”, says Kuboraum's marketing director. Make of that what you will.



Our new go-to frames. Luxurious cotton acetate that feels both lightweight and reassuringly solid so you can feel that they’re top quality. With metal-to-metal joints for additional style and strength.

Adam's last three pairs of glasses are Lunors and if they're good enough for him....



We've got a great selection of these titanium-based frames from Denmark. Lindberg are all about simplicity and function and their current collection has got us all a little excited... (A bit sad, but this is where us optical types get our kicks).

Each frame is customised to ensure the perfect fit, they're hand-finished and individually numbered and engraved with (usually) your name. Because of the high degree of customisation, they're not available online.



Handmade in Holland, these beautifully made frames are sculpted from fine Dutch cotton acetate. Classic shapes in an interesting array of non-classic colours.

Also, we have the astonishingly amazing model 940 immortalised by the likes of Michael Caine, Robert De Niro, Elliot Gould and Run DMC.